Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Rapture

J. N. Grace

Thy death and resurrection, Lord,
(How faith rejoices in the word!)
Have met the charge that on us lay,
And taken all death's sting away.

Soon all the saints who through Thee sleep,
Th' appointment in the air will keep,
When, rising from Thy Father's throne,
Thou comest forth to claim Thine own.

Thy voice the realm of death shall burst,
The dead in Christ arising first;
And, in a moment, we who live
The Spirit's quick'ning change receive.

Together then, the church will be
Complete in one vast company!
Caught up to meet Thee, blessed Lord,
Where Thou shalt ever be adored.

And now in faith and hope and love,
We wait to greet Thee from above;
Each heart sustained in power and grace;
Until we see Thee face to face.

The Rapture